What is Espresso?

Coffee. For some, it’s just a morning boost. For others, it’s a passion. And when a good coffee is poured, it can transform a cup of liquid into an enjoyable journey. But what exact flavor characteristics are found in an espresso?

But What is Espresso? An espresso is a concentrated beverage that is among the most loved coffee types. With its strong flavor and creamy crema on top, you can understand why. But what makes espresso flavors unique? To find the answer, let’s turn to the ingredients found within espresso; its beans, the roast, and the brewing method.

Espresso Beans

An espresso’s flavor intensity makes it a perfect drink for coffee lovers. But to create that bold flavor, called «expresso», the perfect beans are a must. Espresso beans typically come from Arabica and robusta coffee plants.

Arabica beans offer a sweet and fruity taste, while robusta beans tend to lend a more intense flavor. When blended together, these beans will enhance the espresso, providing a full-bodied flavor. The coffee blends from different regions and different parts of the world produce unique flavors, such as a balance of sweet and acidic notes that are often sought in a good quality espresso.

The Roast

The next ingredient that determines the espresso’s taste is the roast. The roast determines the shade of the beans, which in turn influences the flavor. An espresso generally uses a darker roast, which exhibits a smokier and woodier flavor.

However, increasing the roasting process to a point where the beans get oily or create a window pane effect may lead to a slightly burned taste. In this case, both flavor and aroma are affected. A lighter roast can be used to build a sweeter and softer profile. The medium roast variety provides a balance between the darker and lighter roasts.

The Brewing Method

Finally, the brewing method plays a direct role in impacting the espresso flavor. The two main brewing methods for creating an Espresso are the Italian-method and the classic-method.

With the Italian-method, the machine uses pressure to extract the coffee oils from the beans. This results in a rich and creamy flavor. This method creates a higher level of caffeine with a thicker texture.

On the other hand, the classic-method does not use as much pressure. Instead, the water is heated until it reaches an appropriate brewing temperature. The beans are then soaked in the hot water and allowed to steep for a few minutes. The flavors of this method are not as strong, but they are still very enjoyable.

The Conclusion

The combination of the perfect espresso beans, the roast, and the brewing method contributes to the unique and bold flavor of an Espresso. For a regular coffee drinker, the difference between coffee and espresso drinks is night and day. It is difficult to replicate the same rich flavor with any other coffee product.

When the right components are combined, an espresso will deliver a flavor intensity that’s unlike any other. So, we can now understand why this type of coffee is one of the most beloved around the globe. The beautiful balance between the overall taste and aroma makes it the perfect match for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy the “proper” coffee.

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