What is special about French press coffee?

The French press is known for being a great way to make coffee. This method of brewing coffee not only results in a rich flavor but also allows you to customize the strength of your coffee. The French press also offers a comforting ritual that is both soothing and invigorating – something that other brewing methods may lack.

If you’re new to the French press or are curious about how it works, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at what makes the French press so special and provide a step-by-step guide on making the perfect cup of coffee with a French press.

What Makes French Presses So Special?

A French press, also called a press pot or a coffee press, consists of a cylindrical glass or metal beaker, a plunger with a metal or plastic filter, and a lid. The press pot is great for brewing full-flavored coffee because it allows the coffee grounds to steep and extract the maximum flavor. This process results in a rich, full-bodied taste, with a noticeably smoother texture than coffee produced by other methods.

Another benefit of using a French press is that it provides greater control over the strength and flavor of the coffee. This is achieved by adjusting the steep time and the ratio of coffee to water in the pot. With a French press, you can create fabulous coffee with rich, bold flavors, or a lighter, more subtle brew, all depending on your preferences.

How to Use a French Press To Make Coffee

Making coffee with a French press is easy with the right equipment and a few basic guidelines. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to brew the perfect cup of French press coffee.

Step 1:

Start by boiling a pot of water. You’ll need 6 ounces of hot water for every two tablespoons of coffee you plan to make. Once the water is boiling, remove it from the heat source and let it cool for a few moments.

Step 2:

Place the French press on a heat-safe surface. You can brew coffee in a French press that has a metal or glass pot, but it’s best to use a metal one for extra durability.

Step 3:

Add the ground coffee to the French press beaker. For a standard 1-liter (8-cup) French press, add 50 grams of ground coffee as a starting point. (This is about 9 tablespoons of coffee, or 5 level coffee scoops of whole beans, ground in a burr grinder.)

Step 4:

When the water has cooled slightly, pour it over the ground coffee. Be sure to saturate the grounds evenly so that they can fully absorb the water and release their flavors.

Step 5:

Using a wooden or plastic stirring utensil, stir the coffee and water mixture. You’ll want to make sure that all of the coffee settles to the bottom of the beaker, and that all of the grounds are saturated with water.

Step 6:

Place the lid securely on the French press and let the coffee steep for 4 to 5 minutes. The coffee will absorb the maximum amount of aroma and flavor during this time, so don’t rush the process.

Step 7:

After the steeping time has elapsed, gently push the plunger down to the bottom of the beaker. This will separate the grounds from the coffee, leaving you with a delicious, full-bodied cup of French press coffee.

An Extra Tip For Brewing Coffee With A French Press

If you like your French press coffee to be a bit stronger than the standard brew, try adding an extra tablespoon of coffee per six ounces of water. This will give you a bolder, more robust flavor that’s perfect for those who need an extra jolt of morning caffeine.

In conclusion, using a French press is a great way to brew rich, delicious coffee. This simple and timeless method creates a full-bodied, smoother flavor than any other brewing method. Plus, with a French press, you can customize the strength and flavor of your coffee to suit your personal preferences. So, why not give it a try today and experience the special taste of French press coffee for yourself?


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