What is coffee?

coffee beans
Dormant coffee beans.

The smallest and most delicious bean that can exist in the face of the earth, that addictive little bean that is obtained from the roasted bean of the coffee plant (coffee tree) and hides so much flavor and aroma. If you are a coffee lover, this is your place, we’ll show you everything you need to know to prepare a good coffee, specialized shops, models, recipes and also the best places to taste it near you.

First step: Identify what type of coffee is your favorite.

Roast Profiles 

The flavors of coffee depend a lot on the roasting of the bean, for example there are three levels of roasting:

Light roast: It can have a pronounced acidity, low texture and sweetness will be medium so it’s ideal for filter coffee machines.

Medium roast: Greater intensity of flavors, balanced sensory profile between aromas, sweetness and texture, this roast works well for both thick and filter coffees.

Dark Roast: Chocolate flavors with a pronounced texture and low acidity. It’s normally used for espresso machines.


Espresso from coffee maker
Espresso extracted from the coffee maker with a creamier texture.

Of Italian origin, served in a small amount of almost boiling water, this is forced under pressure, due to this pressure the result is a drink that is characterized by its creamier texture and its more concentrated flavor. Espresso can be served single, double or long, among others.

Ounces Coffee grains Temp. Time Water / add. milk Total drink
Espresso simple 1.01 fl oz 1 Tbsp 190 F 25 seg. No
1.01 fl oz
Espresso double 2.01 fl oz 2 Tbsp 190 F 30 seg. No
2.01 fl oz
Espresso long 1.35 fl oz 1 Tbsp 190 F 30-40 seg. No
1.35 fl oz

From espresso you get a wide variety of drinks, they can be hot or cold according to your taste or mood, it can be in the middle of winter and have a very cold coffee, who cares? The truth is that this drink gives you great pleasure for its rich caffeine content and great flavor that leaves you on the palate, ideal for waking up in the morning, especially for reading the newspaper, continuing with the mystery of that chapter that has you in suspense of your favorite book, cool off on a sunny afternoon or just for a good chat with your old friend.

The different drinks that are obtained from an espresso are varied, this transformation of drinks can be by the amount of milk, depending on the amount of milk is the name that it gets, in the same way the type of milk is another variant, either whole, lactose-free, half and half, colored milk or simply with more foam as in the case of Cappuccino, or more water like the American. I show you some of the many drinks from espresso

Latte macchiato

Latte art

Served with a cup of whole milk, with a small amount of espresso coffee. The key to this drink is the cream of the milk, it is the result that is extracted from water vapor that allows the milk to be heated, obtaining a dense foam or a very creamy milk, this drink has become very popular by the figures that can be found in it. perform, latte art.


This drink is prepared with double espresso, hot milk and foam on top, the milk is some like creamy but its most essential feature is the foam. It can be decorated with cinnamon.  The total of drink is approx. 5 fl oz.

Viennese coffee

With single or double espresso base and accompanied with cream.

American coffee

With its base of espresso or derived from it, a greater quantity of hot water is added, almost boiling, obtaining a lighter and sharper drink, which also makes it less bitter.

Do you know what is your favorite style of coffee? There are countless models of coffee machines, if you just want a simple coffee, prepared quickly for those busy mornings and you are only interested in that alarm clock drink, that smell and that energy to start your day, or if you are one of those who like to take time to prepare it and to taste it, whatever your style, you can find the ideal coffee maker for your needs.

So whatever your needs are, at thecoffeeguideshop.com we have classified the coffee makers where you can find what you are looking for.

You can find the coffee maker you need according to several criteria, for example: espresso machines, single serve, with grinder, with K-cup, drip coffee maker, french press, etc., or How about a machine that is compatible with Alexa and Google home ?, you just give the order and you have your coffee ready. Great isn’t?

Finally they can be classified by their brands, for example the most popular are Breville, Nespresso, Delonghi, Cuisinart, Keurig, among others.

So browse our menu and we will help you find your coffee maker that you are looking for.

Grinding coffee

That pleasant smell of coffee beans that it gives you when roasting, it also gives you when the coffee is being ground, an indescribable smell of peace and tranquility, and what if that same smell comes from your kitchen, direct from your grinder coffee, you will feel like a visit to your favorite cafeteria but in pajamas.

At Thecoffeeguideshop.com we classify the most popular and accessible coffee grinding so you can make your coffee from scratch.

Are you ready to go to the next level?

The BEST COFFEE MAKER of 2020: The Barista Express, Breville Espresso machine

The Barista Express

Breville Espresso machine

The Barista Express, the best coffee Maker?

The Breville Espresso machine is not just an ordinary coffee maker, it is a different coffee maker than traditional or common home coffee makers, those that need a filter (drip), or those that use the K-cups, although these are perfect for those rushing mornings, but why is The barista express the best coffee maker of 2020?, Well let me tell you why:

The Barista Express, as its name implies, is a machine for baristas, with the difference that it is designed for the home or those with little traffic, but with the advantage that you can make different coffee drinks like a true barista. You can get various types of coffees, flavors, as well as the elaboration and preparation made with this machine is an art.

These are the characteristics:

  • Features 1/2 pound capacity bean grinder, with locking system for easy removal, storage and transfer of coffee beans. Excellent for those coffee beans that you like the most, and the best, when grinding you will enjoy that special smell that transpires coffee beans.
  • Grind Size selector espresso grind settings from fine to coarse.
  • Grind Amount dial. Adjust the amount of fresh ground coffee dosed into the filter basket to suit the fineness or coarseness of the grind. 
  • Filter Size button. Tell the machine if you are using a 1 cup or 2 cup filter basket and the grinder will dispense the required amount of ground coffee for a single or doble cup dose. 
  • Integrated removable 54mm tamper. 
  • 54mm stainless steel portafilter.
  • 360º swivel-action steam wand, perfect for your latte art.
  • Dedicated hot water outlet, when more hot water is required, such as American coffee.
  • 1 cup and 2 cup buttons with preset, manual over-ride or re-programmable shot volumes.
  • Espresso pressure gauge. 
  • 67fl.oz removable water tank. With replaceable water filter to reduce impurities and scale.

You can make different drinks like:


A single shot of espresso with textured milk, garnished with drinking chocolate. 


Traditionally served short, the macchiato is also poured as a long black with a dash of milk or a dollop of textured milk.


Instense and aromatic, it is also known as a short black and is served in a small cup or glass. 


A shot of espresso (single or double) with hot water.  Also known as a long black.


A latte consists of a single espresso with textured milk and approx. 10 mm of foam. 


A ristretto is an extremely short espresso of approximately 15 ml, distinguished by its intense flavor and aftertaste.

Now you know, the barista express the best coffee maker of 2020 is more than just a coffee machine, with barista express you can make a wide variety of coffees as an expert, you will be surprised by the flavor of espresso in each of the coffees as well like decreasing your visits to your favorite coffee shop.